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Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Hypnosis might evoke a bit of fear in some individuals. Going ‘under’ requires a foundation of trust to exist in a patient-therapist relationship. Such trust can take time to build. If you find a well-known hypnotherapist, perhaps through a friend, some trust might already exist. A hypnotherapist aims to shift your behaviors, mindset, and aid in your weight loss. If other routes are not working for individuals working to lose weight, weight loss hypnosis now offers its methods. Juice cleanses, and keto diets do not work for everyone, despite their popularity in mainstream discourse and culture. Hypnosis provides a therapeutic route that anyone could practice. Losing weight is not always as cut and dry as “eat less” or “eat cleaner” and “work out more,” all of which are common phrases shared with individuals looking to lose weight. In many cases, unprocessed traumas, deeply instilled fears, and various mental processes contribute to weight gain. Such causes can be connected to an inability to lose weight more so than an individual’s actual lifestyle choices. To entirely uproot such traumas and allow an individual to heal, hypnotherapy offers its methods. Less scary than one might think, hypnotherapy might be the route that works best.

Hypnosis Myths and Misconceptions

Hypnotism carries plenty of misconceptions and stereotypes. You will not be entirely asleep during your session. Instead, you rest in a space between full consciousness and deep sleep. You are relaxing in a heightened state. If you have ever practiced meditation for an extended period, this state of being might feel familiar. While resting in this relaxed state, you access a realm of consciousness typically inaccessible when fully awake or asleep. Your mind is vulnerable and can potently process information. Your conscious thoughts are not racing about, so there are fewer distractions and tempting thoughts to carry your focus away. Some other misconceptions that you need not worry about include the following:
  • No, you won’t be ‘stuck’ in hypnosis
  • No, you won’t be acting like a fool and completely unaware
  • No, you won’t be spouting out your deepest secrets

What Can Happen with Hypnosis

Your therapist wants you to be comfortable. Ask them any questions you might have. Be open with them so that they can understand the roots of your behaviors, patterns, fears, habits, and sense of self. Weight loss hypnosis cuts straight to the root of the problem. Rather than tackling one fear and attempting to shift one bad habit, perhaps of many, hypnotherapy works to change your ways on a deeper level — no beating around the bush or merely plucking the petals of a problem in hypnotherapy. The root of your fears and dated behavioral patterns will be entirely uprooted over time. Here is what a typical session might look like:
  • Lasting at least an hour, sometimes more depending upon a patient
  • Laying down with your eyes shut
  • Hypnotherapist guiding you through the entire time

Results of Weight Loss Hypnosis

A 2014 study by KF Jureidini published in the Internal Medicine Journal shared some success stories for weight loss hypnosis. In two cases, women who experienced sexual abuse in their childhoods were able to achieve their desired weight loss. In a few other cases, with weight gain linked to anxiety, negative mindsets, and unhealthy diets, all eleven individuals found success in reaching their weight goals with weight loss hypnosis. Another study, published in 2014 from the University of Salento, hypnobehavioral, and hypnoenergetic therapy improved weight, BMI, and overall behavior in sixty female clients. Both methods of hypnotherapy proved to bring about significant results. Overall, hypnotherapy offers a treatment that can bring about massive behavioral shifts. Even if you are not looking into hypnotherapy for weight loss, or doubt its success in such endeavors, hypnotherapy can benefit anyone wishing to shift their perspective and habits.

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